Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

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About the Course

Is your start up needing help with any of the following?

  • Struggling to validate idea
  • Don’t know how to use data from MVP experiments
  • Difficulties in running experiments, too complex to understand - what to build, what design etc.
  • Don’t know how to avoid "Pitching" influence
  • Looking for course correction
  • Difficulties in getting users, customers on board
  • Getting first paid customer
  • Don’t know if the problem is relevant
  • Don’t know how to build a product that customers want
  • No traction
  • Grow from one customer to ten customers
  • Finding prospects
  • Trying to increase chances of attracting investment
If the answer to any of the questions above is yes, then this course is for you. The course will help you learn to design, launching MVPs and successfully run experiments to test MVPs, so you can validate their business idea and build something that customers want.

Who is this course for?

This is course is more for founders of startups :

  • At pre-beta stage
  • At discovery stage
  • Building MVPs
  • Struggling to validate idea
  • Having difficulties in getting users, customers
  • Still running on a lot of “founder intuition.”
  • Who are finding it tough to get first paid customer
  • Who are finding it tough to grow from handful customers by 10X
Why is MVP planning, building, and testing hard?

  • We carry false negative that customers would like only the full product.
  • We doubt the whole lean methodology principles, thinking customers don’t know what they want, and you need to build something to put it in front of them.
  • We are too busy to learn and feel, It would be too easy to build it just right.
  • The whole process is time-consuming. It would take the focus away from product development, design and sales.
  • MVP experiments are complex to understand - what to build, what design etc. Don’t know what metrics to use.
  • During the experiments, we cant leave our "pitching" influence. It is very hard to resist the temptation to pitch or sell our product and in the process, we tend to forget “learning” as the core objective of customer discovery.
  • In love with the product, we feel there is no need for validation.
  • Difficulties in getting early adopters. There is a hard work involved in locating prospects to be approached for customer discovery and at times it is hard to reach out to them and convince them to spare time for us.
  • We don’t know what to talk and how to talk to a prospect. You may find some interview scripts on the internet, but its best not to follow any script in a customer discovery. So, you need someone to handhold you to clarify your thoughts and approaches needed for this, besides the required framework.
  • It's hard to articulate and curate an MVP, based on our specific situation, so we may end up spending resources in an effort that is not needed.
  • Even if we manage to conduct customer discovery interviews, we don’t know how to make sense of them and draw meaningful inferences from them.
How will this course help you?

There is a difference between having information and having a knowledge. You can google information or look for it in books, but you cannot google a knowledge. Having knowledge, understanding some stuff happens when you use the information to change the way you think.

Discussion forums and local meetups provide some value but they do have limitations if you need hand holding.

Your own trial and error method would possibly take you there, but it might take much longer and you are not sure if you are doing it right.
This course provides you information, helps you gain understanding in the context your customized situation, and provides an option of hand-holding when you need. Besides, use of proven methods, efficient tools would just ensure you reach your goals sooner than you want.

What outcomes can you expect?

Some of the possible outcomes for your startup, as a result of this course, are :

  • Efficient experiments
  • Making sense of outcome of experiments
  • Validation of problem
  • Validation of solution
  • Identify needs to pivot
  • Connect and engage with early adopters
  • Build traction
  • Minimise wasteful efforts
  • Greater chances for product-market fit
  • Discover new opportunities that could work
  • Customer discovery
  • Your first paying customer
  • Your first ten customers
  • Interest from potential investors

Pre-launch offer

The program content is being fine-tuned and should be ready in about 2 to 3 weeks from now. The current price offer is at a 50% discount to the price after the launch of the program.

Intended Audience: startup founders, startups building MVP, Startups doing customer discovery, Startups looking to validate busiess model

Shashank Rajurkar


Presently, I am involved in entrepreneurship training, mentoring and startup consulting.

My prior work involved a stint in an early venture fund and launching and building two businesses.

My current focus area is - early stage starups, early traction, lean business model, value proposition, product-market fit, minimum viable product (MVP), strategy, growth, lean business model validation process and more.

In recent time, I have worked with developers and makers working on side-project, solopreneurs and early stage founders with small teams, to bring in ideal customers for the startup projects. This covers all kinds of new businesses in search of product market fit - B2C or B2B; entirely online or partly online; from any geography. The startup projects that I have worked are a diverse stage of product development - from a stage when you just have an idea to a stage where you have a landing page or an MVP or some functional product ready.

My core strength is about experimenting and an efficient way of building early traction by focusing on "ideal" users.