Get the first 100 customers for your startup

On-demand pre-recorded webinar

Your first 10 or 100 customers are important. They can make or break you. This webinar is about knowing the right ways to get them.

During this webinar training, you will learn

✔Common mistakes founders commit when working on getting early users.
✔How to set the right perspective when you build your go-to-market strategy for early users.
✔How a strategy is more important before you work on your marketing tactics.
✔5 Parts of building strategy to get your first 10 - 100 users.

Intended Audience: Early stage startup founders, founders working on ideas, founders working on go-to-market, founders working on new product

Get the first 100 customers for your startup

What's included

  • 1 Video Lesson

  • Works on all devices
  • Certificate of completion

Shashank Rajurkar


Presently, I am involved in entrepreneurship training, mentoring and startup consulting.

My prior work involved a stint in an early venture fund and launching and building two businesses.

My current focus area is - early stage starups, early traction, lean business model, value proposition, investors deck, business plan, product-market fit, minimum viable product (MVP), strategy, growth, lean business model validation process and more.

My core strength is about experimenting.

Many individuals and teams struggle to move from ideas to projects (or startups), at the right time. Sometimes ideas remain ideas for way too long. At other times they become projects (or startups) prematurely, without validation. Running experiments is the missing step. It’s a distinct unit or phase of work.

Running the right experiments is hard and this is where I bring in value.